How important is the "IMAGE MAKING" and the "PERSONAL BRANDING"?
The answers that can be given to this question vary, as many deposit it according to their personal critical thinking or need. However, the answer is the same in every case, since we all, with or without a corporate identity, are a unique and distinct brand.

Reference point; Our own selves, personal prestige, but with its positive sign. If you notice, either in yourself or in others, the need to integrate in the labor market, in a closed social-family circle, even if it is a sole proprietorship, leads to an "intense" effort to form an image and personality, according to criteria of the above and not according to what everyone really represents as such.

It is true, the demands are increasing! Yes, the environment, whatever it is, is becoming more and more competitive - demanding! Yes, their qualifications and development are important!

But there is a big "but"...
(But) If I am not myself and if there is no part of it, whatever the engagement, there will be no substantial result, the message will stop in the middle and will not pass to the receiver, the agreement most likely will not be closed, the employer will not be happy, the food will not be tasty. Distance from us does not complete the puzzle, it gives it another shape.

Image Making is a combination of appearance and personality. The certainty of who I am and what image I want to convey, presupposes a chain relationship of components, which consists of image, characteristics of self, spirit, education, experiences. If I am not able to know who I am, then I am not able to give the maximum in a more general context, no matter how much I consider it.

A well-structured image implies a well-structured perception and recognition. I know where I am going and why! If I want to be called a professional, I have to attribute it to all areas, because then the tree will give birth to real fruits.

Whatever "category" you consider that you belong to, by building your personal brand, you build your development and success at the same time! As Vincent van Gogh once said: "Someone has a great fire in his soul and nobody ever comes to warm themselves at it, and passers-by see nothing but a little smoke at the top of the chimney."

By building your personal brand, you are building your development and success at the same time!

If you do not balance in all areas equally, the ideal customer, employer, friend, partner, audience, will not knock on the door to "warm up" where it is needed, but will overtake and disappear. Make the beginning for the shaping - structuring of the image, having as a point of reference a part of yourself.

Personal branding is: The relationship you build with your audience. Because it resonates with your vision, your values, your voice.